Beneath The Skin: A Story of Resilience, Redemption, and Raw Emotion

Beneath The Skin is a band with a compelling and inspirational story, and their music reflects the depth of their personal experiences and the journey they’ve undertaken to overcome adversity. Here’s a breakdown of the band members and their music:

Meet the Members

Jimmy York – Drums (45 years old) Jimmy York’s journey into music is a testament to the band’s organic beginnings. Despite never having played an instrument, he joined the band to provide rhythm and support. His dedication has made him an integral part of the group.

Mike Riley – Vocals (45 years old)   Has faced the darkest of battles, enduring an 18-year meth addiction. Today, he stands before you, 13 years clean, a living testament to the possibility of change and growth. His lyrics, etched with raw emotion, mirror his personal journey of self-reflection and self-improvement. Through his words, he offers us an  glimpse into his experiences, reminding us that no matter how deep the struggles, redemption is always within reach. In his LYRICS, we find hope, inspiration, and the belief that, just like Mike, we too can conquer our inner demons and emerge stronger. His voice carries not just melodies but a message of resilience, reminding us that, beneath the surface, we all have the power to transform our live

Russell Conner – Guitar (50 years old) Russell Conner, with three decades of guitar mastery under his belt, is the band’s creative genius. Often referred to as the “mad scientist,” he has played a pivotal role in shaping the band’s unique and evocative sound.

Nick Nöthing – Bass (57 years old) Nick Nöthing brings both his decades of musical experience and technical prowess to the band. As a seasoned bassist and proficient video streamer, he helps the band stay connected with their audience in the digital age.

The Song: “Headcase” – initially conceived as a hip-hop track now a Modern Rock song.

“Headcase,” the band’s inaugural studio single, is a testament to their ability to channel personal struggles into art. Initially conceived as a hip-hop track now a Modern Rock Track, it delves into the internal conflict of battling personal demons and striving for self-improvement. The lyrics resonate with anyone who has experienced the relentless inner turmoil of self-betterment.

The Song: “Pay Up”

“Pay Up,” another powerful track, was penned during Mike’s time in rehab. It vividly describes the relentless struggle of distancing oneself from the people, places, and things tied to addiction. It serves as the title track for their forthcoming record, embodying the band’s mission of resilience and redemption.

The Song: “Hard Knocks”

“Hard Knocks,” yet another poignant track in their repertoire, explores the challenging upbringing Mike faced due to addiction within his family. It’s a stark reminder of the consequences of disregarding advice and learning life’s lessons through the crucible of experience.

“Beneath The Skin” is a living testament to the power of transformation and the resilience of the human spirit. Through their unfiltered music, they lay bare their struggles, their growth, and their journey toward redemption. Their songs serve as a beacon of hope and authenticity, resonating with all who have faced adversity. As they continue to create and share their stories, their music will undoubtedly inspire others to find their own path to redemption.

Influenced by the heavy sound of Black Sabbath and modern metal, “Beneath The Skin” plays in B standard tuning, creating a sonic landscape that perfectly complements their raw and introspective lyrics. We eagerly await their forthcoming record.

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