Buzzard Fight’s Country/Stoner Psychedelic Metal Masterpiece

Written By: Paul Chandler

Prepare to be transported to a realm of otherworldly sounds and surreal narratives as Buzzard Fight, the psychedelic country sludge trio, descends upon The Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas, on September 5th, joined by the band Firebreather, and don’t miss the the upcoming show at MiniBar August 23rd

In the ever-expanding realm of experimental music, Buzzard Fight stands tall as a daring and innovative force, and their latest offering, “The Glove Don’t Fit,” is a mesmerizing testament to their boundary-pushing artistry. This enigmatic country/stoner psychedelic metal trio, comprising of Randall Platt on guitar and vocals, Patrick McGillicuddy on bass, and  Josh Rogers on drums, has concocted a sonic potion that transcends genres, immersing listeners in a kaleidoscopic journey of sound and meaning.

While the band hints at the possibility of a sonically enhanced mix, the current version of “The Glove Don’t Fit” already showcases a raw and unfiltered authenticity that captivates from start to finish. The song’s alluring blend of genres solidifies Buzzard Fight’s position as a pioneering force within the country/stoner psychedelic metal landscape.

The enigmatic tale behind Buzzard Fight’s formation is as captivating as the music they create, a journey that began in a decrepit barn and culminated in a unique sonic experience that defies categorization.

In a setting that seems plucked from a fantastical tale, the band’s history begins in the ’80s, amidst the Reagan era, within a barn that doubled as a rehearsal space for musicians of all stripes. Buzzard Fight’s three members, Randall Platt (guitar and vocals), Patrick Mcgillicuddy (bass and vocals), and Josh Rogers (drums), absorbed the eclectic musical vibes that echoed through the barn’s walls, imprinting the foundation for their own musical odyssey.

However, the barn’s story takes a dark turn as a string of violent murders turns the once-magical space into a haunting memory. Three avian scavengers, the buzzards, bear silent witness to these events, setting the stage for a supernatural twist in the narrative. The passage of time finds Buzzard Fight’s members crossing paths with these eerie creatures, forging an inexplicable bond that transcends the boundaries between life and death.

The band’s resurrection occurs in the early 2000s, when the trio stumbles upon a building shrouded in mystery and darkness. The discovery of a curious form of currency, infused with the essence of Albert Hofmann, provides an otherworldly catalyst. It’s within these newly claimed walls that Buzzard Fight’s unique fusion of genres takes flight, blending elements of psychedelic rock, outlaw country, and heavy metal into a potent concoction that defies description.

Buzzard Fight prepares to take the stage at MiniBar on August 23rd.

Also they have a Lawrence show at the bottleneck 9/5 with Firebreather