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Got a difficult friend to shop for? Try WTF do they want dot com
    • Answer a few questions about the person in your life and browse a selection of gift suggestions
    • You can also explore more general categories with cool sliders
If you’re looking at a video game gift, look at Is there any deal dot com
Don’t shop Amazon without checking CamelCamelCamel
    • If you’re buying gifts on Amazon, CamelCamelCamel will show you the price history of any product
    • See if it might be going on sale later or if it just jumped in price for the holidays
For the book lover in your life, PagesOnPages can save you a bundle
    • Just search for titles and get redirected to a number of stores
    • You can even filter out Amazon results and search only for new books
Buy it for life, check Exit Reviews dot com first
Okay, I’ll let you in on my favorite secret, Limited Run Games
    • My personal ultimate secret site for gaming gifts
    • The only place you can buy newly produced SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy Color cartridge games
    • Find digital-only Switch games on cartridge