Love Gang: Reviving the Heavy Psych Sound of the 70s with “Meanstreak”

Written By: Paul Chandler

Picture a biker gang roaring down the highway, the wind in their hair, the thunderous roar of their engines harmonizing with the pounding rhythms of Love Gang’s music. It’s an experience that’s as rebellious and invigorating as it is timeless. Love Gang has resurrected the spirit of rock ‘n roll’s heyday, infusing it with their own passion and creativity, and the result is nothing short of electrifying. So, if you’re ready to embark on a sonic adventure that pays homage to the past while carving out a new path, buckle up and join the Love Gang.

Love Gang from Denver, Colorado is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of heavy sound psych rock. With a sound reminiscent of iconic bands like Motörhead, Deep Purple, and The Allman Brothers, Love Gang brings a gritty, high-octane energy to the stage that shakes the very foundations of rock ‘n roll. Formed in 2015, this band is a direct conduit to the golden age of rock when amplifiers roared, hair flowed freely, and the music was a visceral experience. If you’re seeking a sonic journey that encapsulates the raw essence of the 70s while delivering a contemporary punch, Love Gang is your destination.

The core lineup of Love Gang consists of Kam Wentworth, the guitar virtuoso and charismatic vocalist who leads the charge with a fiery intensity. Alongside him, Leo Muñoz commands the organ and flute, infusing the band’s sound with an ethereal and mesmerizing quality that sets them apart from the pack. Conner Murphy holds down the fort on bass, providing the foundation for the band’s sonic onslaught, while Shaun Goodwin’s thunderous drumming drives the rhythm forward with unrelenting force. Together, these four musicians combine their talents to create a sonic experience that’s larger than life.

Love Gang is a band that pays homage to the glorious past while crafting their own unique sonic identity. Their music channels the spirit of the 70s rock underground, delivering a sound that’s both classic and contemporary. While their influences are evident, Love Gang deftly weaves their originality into each track, ensuring that their music remains fresh and invigorating. Their fast-paced, high-energy songs are a thrilling ride, complete with driving blues rhythms , wailing psychedelic guitar solos that take you on a mind-bending journey, and the unmistakable Fuzz of Leo Muñoz’s Hammond organ.

The pinnacle of Love Gang’s sonic journey can be found in their latest album, ‘Meanstreak.’ Recorded under the  guidance of Gian Ortiz at his home studio in Austin, Texas, the album exudes a pure, unadulterated rawness that can only be captured through analog recording to tape. This process enhances the authenticity of Love Gang’s sound, allowing listeners to connect on a primal level with the music. ‘Meanstreak’ delves into the band members’ personal lives, addressing a range of relevant topics from political turmoil in the U.S. to the freedom of the open road on motorcycles, and the crazy, unforgettable nights spent in Mexico.

Currently The band is on tour in Europe and just played in Portugal for the @sonicblast_fest .

Tracks: 01. Deathride 00:00 02. Meanstreak 04:41 03. Bad News 09:03 04. Blinded by Fear 13:05 05. Shake This Feelin’ (17:38 06. Headed Down to Mexico 21:19 07. Same Ol’ Blues 27:34 08. Fly Away 30:45



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