Morgue VVitch: Conjuring the Sounds of Dark Electronic and Witchwave


Written By: Paul Chandler

In the depths of Kansas City, a haunting presence emerges, captivating audiences with her unique blend of dark electronic and witchwave. Morgue VVitch, also known as Tara, is a talented solo artist, singer, songwriter, musician, and producer who has become a prominent figure in the underground music scene. With her solo project, Morgue VVitch, Tara combines her passion for witch house and synth wave, creating an enchanting sonic experience that transports listeners into a realm of darkness and mysticism. In this blog, we delve into the world of Morgue VVitch, exploring her artistic journey, inspirations, and the captivating allure of her music.

Morgue VVitch came into existence in 2019 as Tara’s personal venture into the realm of music. With a desire to blend the eerie atmospheres of dark electronic with the ethereal beauty of synth wave, she began crafting her own sonic spells. Over time, her sound has evolved into a mesmerizing fusion of witch house and witchwave, imbued with an authentic, natural essence that resonates with her deepest emotions.

Emotional Inspiration:
Unlike many artists who rely on reference tracks for inspiration, Morgue VVitch draws from her emotions to fuel her creative process. The music she conjures is a direct expression of her innermost feelings, allowing her to create a profound connection with her listeners. Through her haunting melodies, atmospheric synths, and mesmerizing vocals, she weaves a spellbinding tapestry of emotions, taking her audience on a dark and introspective journey.

Collaborations and Global Influence:
While Morgue VVitch thrives as a solo artist, Tara has also ventured into numerous collaborations with artists from around the world. These collaborations have allowed her to explore diverse musical landscapes, adding new dimensions to her sound and expanding her artistic horizons. By connecting with like-minded creators, she has forged powerful alliances that transcend borders and unite artists in a shared vision of dark and evocative music.

The Freedom of Solitude:
As a solo artist, Morgue VVitch revels in the freedom and autonomy of creating her art on her own terms. Operating solely within her project, she is able to channel her artistic vision without compromise. While this path requires tremendous dedication and hard work, the boundless creative control she possesses fuels her drive and fuels her musical exploration. Morgue VVitch stands as a testament to the power of individuality and the ability to manifest one’s artistic visions into reality.

VVitch continues to conjure her unique sound and inspire others in the process. As she traverses the shadows and pushes the boundaries of her craft, we eagerly anticipate the otherworldly creations she will bestow upon us in the future.

Photo Credit: Mariah Pierce, rip out your art photography.