Tech News – 11/23/22

  • Simply enter the URL of a recipe, and it’ll strip out all the ads and extra fluff, leaving you with just the ingredients and instructions


And when you’re done with the food and ready to get back in shape, give MuscleWiki a try!

  • Select the muscle group you want to focus on and how, and it’ll give you simple instructions for exercises you can follow
  • Broken into categories like dumbbell, stretches, and body weight resistance
  • Includes helpful gifs for each exercise


Now for your dose of creepy technology, see if you can tell a real face from an AI generated one

  • Which Face Is Real presents one real, one AI-generated face and challenges you to find the real one
  • You will not get them all right–at least one android will slip by your defenses


Ever wake up with a hankering for a tin can? Try Goat Simulator 3


Be a badass cowboy and kill vampires in Evil West

  • Play as a steampunk vampire hunting cowboy slaying evil with everything from a flamethrower to an electric gauntlet
  • Third-person combo action that will feel a lot like God of War or Devil May Cry