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MP3 Convertor

  There are many audio conversion applications available. We’re advocates of open source software and Fre:ac is one of our favorite utilities out there. Fre:ac is a free audio converter with support for various popular [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]


The Lazer Music News 11/24/22

HERE’S YOUR MUSIC NEWS FOR NOVEMBER 24th Music news that won’t really make you thankful. It may disgust you. It might even make you less thankful. 2023 PUNK ROCK BOWLING LINEUP ANNOUNCED The lineup for [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]


Lazer Music News 11/11/22

  PARAMORE STOPS SHOW, DECLARES ‘DETENTION’ AFTER FIGHT BREAKS OUT Paramore’s Hayley Williams channeled her inner substitute teacher during Monday’s show in Toronto. Williams had the band pause the show halfway through “Caught In The [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]

Lazer News

Lazer’s : AJR “I Won’t”

  AJR have returned with their latest single “I Won’t” released in collaboration with AJR Productions and Mercury/Republic Records. The upbeat pop track marks the platinum-selling trio’s first single release since last year’s “Way Less [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]