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KJ Khaotic YouTuber + Musician

Written By: Paul Chandler As music enthusiasts and fellow musicians, we often find inspiration in the most unexpected places. One such source of inspiration for me has been the dynamic and multitalented KJ Khaotic, frontwoman [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]


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CHUCKY TEXT CAMPAIGN PARTY The possessed doll Chucky invites you to text him for threats, cursing, and teasers for the new season of his show coming October 4th. Read more here!    DISNEY+ NOT MOVING AHEAD WITH [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]

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Lazer Moviez – September 1st

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS • FRENCH WORKING-CLASS DRAMA • BROADWAY • It is based on French journalist Florence Aubenas’s bestselling non-fiction work Le Quai de Ouistreham, investigating rising precarity in French society through her experiences in [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]